Odd jobs for Qantas

Odd jobs for Qantas

Corporate videos can lend themselves to a lack of creativity in their composition, however MindsEye strives to think outside of the box with each project.

Qantas is a regular client of MindsEye; Tim has completed a range of projects for the leading airline over the past few years, including informative videos regarding staff training, crewing options, refitting, announcements, security, catering, the new crew uniforms and much more.

Odd jobs for Qantas

One of the most recent projects Tim completed for Qantas was on safety and saw him jetting to Geraldton airport near Perth. Geraldton boasts one of the best safety records of any Australian airport, and so was used as an example for this particular project.

There are two arrivals each day at Geraldton, so there were early mornings to capture the first plane coming in and the last just before sunset. As talent, the Qantas workers were great, and the crew achieved some fantastic shots.

Charles Hamlyn Harris from Charlie Bravo, the production company working with MindsEye on various Qantas projects, says Tim is always their first choice when a new project comes up.

Odd jobs for Qantas

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