Sony released Android version of XMPilot Tool App that will not work on most devices

Sony has released the Android version of the XMPilot Tool App, but the App will only work on Sony devices. There is also a version of the XMPilot Tool App for iOS iPhone and iPads.

I find it digraceful the Sony has released a crippled Andriod version of the App, but has released the iOS version. I was told by Sony that the crippled Android version was to promote the use of Sony products, But if this is the case why did Sony release an iOS version? Really bad work with this Sony !

I have paid for the software key and WiFi adapter ($2,200) for my Sony XDcam PDW-F800 HD camera ($70,000) and I can not use with my HTC Android phone.

So all you other Android user out there that feel that this is wrong please let Sony know how you feel too!

XDcam Browser V2 released

XDcam camera

Sony has released a new version of XDcam Browser Version 2 (XDB V2). It supports XMPilot, live logging, XMPilot support, Mac Lion support and more. It should mean that I will be able to use my phone (or an Ipad) as a viewer, shot marker and logger on shoots! Very exciting as it can help reduce edit time.

XMPilot is a great powerful system when combined with a F800 XDcam camera and WiFi adapter. XMPilot is an advanced metadata workflow solution designed to significantly improve and speed up the overall XDCAM production workflow. It has connectivity via mobile devices such as smartphones and touch tablets.

With XMPilot, users can create planning metadata with the XMPilot Planner in advance and have the flexibility to transfer this metadata to a camcorder remotely via email and Wi-Fi, as well as directly via USB or file-copying onto a recording media.

The XMPilot Tool running on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) enables live logging and post-shoot logging against the timecode.  The XMPilot live viewing option allows XMPilot users to select a target camcorder (with XMPilotTool GUI) and view live stream recording whilst away from the shooting set.

XMPilot planning metadata transfer, live viewing and live logging can be carried out with mobile devices.

I will test it all out as soon as I can get a copy of the new browser. Looking forward to this major leap froward in technology ! A Tweet from a Sony Guy in Europe says the software should be on their sites for download by next week.

Reality TV Shows

I have just had a week and a half shoot for a very popular reality TV show. It was a big shoot with up to 16 Sony F800 XDcam cameras per day. We had a Super Techno crane, a Techno Crane and Jimmy Jib. It was a big setup and fun to shoot. I think it must have been among the biggest shoots ever done in Australia. The crew list was a who’s who of greatest technicians/ cameramen in Australia. It was good fun and a great experience. I can’t say which TV program it was as it hasn’t aired yet, But I am sure it will be a big hit when it goes to air.

Sony releases new version of XD Browser V1.21

Sony releases new version of XD Browser V1.21

XDB – the new Xdcam Browser software will be the same for both Mac and Windows. This still is early versions of the software so does not offer all the functionatity that the other Mac and PC version offer at this time.

It is great though to see Sony slowly releasing new version with improvements.

To download    XD Browser V1.21 go to Sony

UPDATE : XD Browser V1.3 has been released