Patience and humour a vital combination

Mindseye Films - Qantas

Filming in confined spaces is nothing new for Tim – he’s filmed in helicopters, a light plane with Aussie actor Hugh Jackman, off the back of a Harley Davidson, he’s even filmed inside a life raft at sea. And for a recent Qantas shoot, for several hours Tim had to stand in a toilet cubicle adjoining the cockpit of a plane to film a training video on changing a light bulb in the dashboard.

Tim has worked with Qantas regularly for nearly a decade on a huge variety of projects; one recent shoot involved creating a film for Qantas staff that aimed to break down the stereotypes surrounding Indigenous employees.

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Odd jobs for Qantas

Odd jobs for Qantas

Corporate videos can lend themselves to a lack of creativity in their composition, however MindsEye strives to think outside of the box with each project.

Qantas is a regular client of MindsEye; Tim has completed a range of projects for the leading airline over the past few years, including informative videos regarding staff training, crewing options, refitting, announcements, security, catering, the new crew uniforms and much more.

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