A different point of view – Extreme wide angle and fisheye zooms

Photography and Cinematography is about capturing a point of view or really your own point of view. To do this we all make decisions on location of the camera and subject as well as the time of day or night to shoot. Then when you are shooting you then need to decide what gear to use and one of the most critical factors to achieving a different look is what lens will I use?
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Prime Lenses for stills and video

Why shoot on a Prime Lens?

Prime lenses have a fixed (one) focal length. You can’t zoom in or out. You get one viewing distance, and that’s it.

A standard prime lens is the 50mm “normal lens.” Its focal length roughly matches where your eye focuses, giving you an image that’s fairly close to what’s in front of you. Prime lenses come in all sorts of different focal lengths from extreme wide angle or fisheye to telephoto.
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