A typical professional video shoot

A typical professional video shoot normally means you need a wide range of gear. Even the seemingly simplest shoot can need a huge amount of gear to make the end video look fabulous.

Keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” equipment package for everyone since there are so many variables including budget, type of project, shoot style and shoot locations to name just a few.

One of my latest shoots had talent to camera and two people interview style scenes. This shoot was primarily a two camera shoot, but in the setup you can see we are set for a 3 camera scene. We have 2 Sony F5 cameras with Autocue hoods and a sneaky Canon C300. To help the cameras match, as we were shooting the F5’s on S-log2, the C300 was also set to Canon log. While matching cameras is very important, I have to say from a cameraman’s point of view that lighting the talent and set is the most important aspect of any shoot.

This scene we had two ladies as the talent and so big light sources meant beautiful flattering light. The key light is a Arri M8 HMI through a Scrim Jim medium frame. The fill is a Dedo HMI 400 in a 5 foot Octobox. Both these lights produce a super soft and extremely flattering light. There is also the LightPanel Astra LED  (center) and the newly released Softpanel 2×1 LED (out of shot to the right) The talent were seated at the far end of the kitchen bench. With this lighting setup the ladies looked great and enjoyed the beautiful soft lighting.

The crew for this shoot was was very small being a myself and another cameraman as well as a Director, production assistant, autocue operator and makeup artist.

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