What’s cookin?

Whats Cookin?

It’s starting to cool down a bit now in Australia and our minds are turning towards hearty vegetable soups, succulent roasted meat dishes and decadent desserts.

Luckily Your Local Greengrocer has all the inspiration we need – and Minds Eye has helped deliver it in the form of a third series of cooking demonstration videos.

Tim has previously worked with Your Local Greengrocer to create their first two series of recipe videos. And using the latest Red Dragon, Sony F5 and GoPro camera gear, the team were able to capture the highest quality footage possible.

Whats Cookin?

Tim was once again working closely with director and editor Steve Griffiths from production company VisionLink to produce the videos.

“Tim’s knowledge and expertise and easy going nature ensured the shoot went smoothly, which is crucial, given we have to work really fast, shooting eight dishes being prepared per day,” Steve says.

Both Steve and Tim enjoy shooting the process – and tasting the different meals.

Shot in a professional test kitchen in Botany, this project looks to be ongoing – so watch this space for more cooking inspiration. In fact, the client is so happy they have just commissioned series 4.

Whats Cookin?

The aim of this project is to encourage the increased use of seasonal vegetables in the everyday Aussie home. This practice is good for the environment, good for the family budget and for general health and wellbeing!

The latest recipes include caramelized mangoes, snow pea, Thai basil and chicken stir fry, and spinach, eschalot and walnut spaghetti – check them out here:


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