Move it with Michelle

Michelle Bridges

Unless you have been living under a rock, surely almost everyone is familiar with the kickass reputation of Aussie TV personality and trainer Michelle Bridges.

Tim Bradley at Minds Eye Films certainly knows now that she applies this can-do attitude across all areas of her life, and especially so in her training programs.

As the Director of Photography on location, Tim has been an integral part of making Michelle Bridges’ well-known nutrition and exercise overhaul ‘12 Week Body Transformation’ (12WBT) happen.

Michelle Bridges

Having filmed with Michelle on many occasions for hundreds of videos and social media creations, Tim is proving time and time again that he can keep up with her ‘get it done’ attitude and energiser bunny energy levels.

The videos are usually shot on location in homes, with a Bellevue Hill home a regular location, although they’ve also been filmed in a childcare centre and well known Eastern Suburbs cafe. And Tim is often working with other cameramen, Brad Smith and Rich Rowley, to provide fantastic images.

A day of shooting covers everything involved in the 12WBT program, such as workout routines, simple and healthy cooking demonstrations, and interviews with fitness industry professionals.

Michelle Bridges (5)

At times, actual 12WBT participants have come on set to share their experiences in participating in the program.

These shoots usually involve a full day of filming so the team can get enough footage for several videos, which are sent out weekly to members of the 12WBT community to help inform and motivate them on their health and weight loss journey.

With the success of the program looking to be ongoing, Tim is excited about continuing to work with Michelle and the 12WBT team to create their life-changing fitness and nutrition program.

Fast facts about the 12WBT

  • Since it was created, the 12WBT program has helped Australians shed over 2 million unwanted kilos
  • Michelle’s 12WBT is actually a team challenge – rounds start several times a year, and members form a community to support each other
  • The program also includes a ‘pre-season’ where members set their goals and start preparing to work towards them, which is key to 12WBT’s success
  • When you lose weight, the fat you burn is actually exhaled as carbon dioxide – meaning it literally disappears into thin air!

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