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Active Deaf Kids

Minds Eye spreading Active Deaf Kids message

Can you imagine what it’s like growing up in a world without sound? That is the reality for thousands of deaf and hard of hearing Aussie kids every day – but there is an organisation that is helping these kids fit in and be healthy.

Tim from Minds Eye is playing a crucial role in the development of a promotional video for the Active Deaf Kids Program, an initiative of Deaf Sport Australia, the country’s peak body for deaf sports.

This initiative is designed to increase awareness among deaf and hard of hearing students and their teachers, parents and coaches about the positive role being active can play in social development. It also provides the opportunity for kids to try new things, enjoy playing sport, make friends and enjoy the health and social benefits of an active lifestyle.

Being healthy and active is especially important for deaf and hard of hearing kids, as they are often more susceptible to a number of health concerns, including obesity, depression, diabetes and a sedentary lifestyle. ADK works to directly combat these issues by helping deaf youth establish healthy habits they can carry throughout their whole life.

Active Deaf Kids

A fantastic program like ADK cannot be successful without proper promotion – and this is where Minds Eye films comes in to help create an educational video for DSA’s website and social media platforms.

Produced in collaboration with Deaf Sports Australia’s public relations team, Llewellyn Communications, this video was created to promote the Active Deaf Kids program and educate parents and teachers on the benefits it can provide the young deaf community. ADK runs sports clinics across the nation for deaf and hard of hearing children, including sports such as tennis, futsal, hockey, soccer and basketball.

A key way to highlight the benefits of these clinics was to get right in on the action, with Tim filming one of many sports clinics, and interviewing some of ADK’s ambassadors.

On screen talents included DSA’s Sports Development Officer and Deaflympian Irena Farinacci, and water-polo champion and daughter of Aussie Rugby League legend Wally Lewis, Jamie-Lee Lewis, who regularly helps out at Active Deaf Kids’ workshops. Jamie-Lee plays waterpolo at a national level despite having two cochlear implants, and so is a fantastic role model for the deaf and hard of hearing kids at the workshops.

Active Deaf Kids

With the scripting of the video and the organisation of location and on screen talent taken care of by the fantastic team at Llewellyn Communications, the filming, editing and quality control was in Tim’s capable hands.

We were chuffed by the feedback from Garry West-Bail, Deaf Sports Australia’s general manager: “Thank you for your efforts, co-ordination and commitment to having this video completed in such a professional manner. We are very proud of the final product and as such will distribute far and wide and use to promote the ADK program.”

An important part of any business is social responsibility – and Minds Eye is happy to put its skills and expertise with film forward for such a worthy cause.

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