Working up an appetite

Mindseye Films - Your Local Greengrocer

Fennel and tomato lamb shanks, pumpkin, crisp sage and parmesan pasta and apple blackberry oat crumble… is your mouth watering yet? Tim truly works across all types of film work; he is currently halfway through shooting a series of cooking segments for Your Local Greengrocer. He might even pick up some new recipes while he’s there!

Mindseye Films - Your Local Greengrocer
In capturing these simple and seasonal recipes in a series of short films, Your local Greengrocer hopes to encourage the use of fresh fruit and vegetables amongst Australian families. We all know that we should eat our greens, but with these easy recipes at our fingertips we now have no more excuses!

To achieve the affect they wanted, Tim and the crew used their best gear, including a Red Epic, two Xdcam HDs and Gopro cameras.  Shot in a professional test kitchen in Botany, Tim’s speed was put to the test as the team worked through shooting around 8 episodes each day over two days.

Mindseye Films - Your Local Greengrocer

Working with Production Company Visionlink and director Steve Griffiths has made this process much easier. The team are 16 episodes down, with many more to come, so stay tuned!

To view the recipe films or find out more, follow this link:


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