Patience and humour a vital combination

Mindseye Films - Qantas

Filming in confined spaces is nothing new for Tim – he’s filmed in helicopters, a light plane with Aussie actor Hugh Jackman, off the back of a Harley Davidson, he’s even filmed inside a life raft at sea. And for a recent Qantas shoot, for several hours Tim had to stand in a toilet cubicle adjoining the cockpit of a plane to film a training video on changing a light bulb in the dashboard.

Tim has worked with Qantas regularly for nearly a decade on a huge variety of projects; one recent shoot involved creating a film for Qantas staff that aimed to break down the stereotypes surrounding Indigenous employees.

Director Charles Hamlin Harris, who has worked on and off with Tim on projects for the past eight years, says this shoot proved to be challenging for all involved, as it became much more time consuming than predicted. Good humour and a great deal of patience are sometimes crucial to getting through difficult shoots.

Mindseye Films - Qantas
Charles normally works with smaller crews, and so knows the importance of working as a team and getting everyone to cooperate to get the job done. This is something Tim also knows firsthand, with some other Qantas work requiring teamwork, long lasting concentration and physical endurance.

“Tim’s patience and good humour served him well a few weeks ago when we were all squashed into the cockpit of a plane shooting a video on how to change a light bulb for a few hours,” says Charles. “It’s such a confined space to be filming in; Tim was forced to stand in the toilet!”

“In those circumstances you need someone who will get in there to help things along and be good humoured about it. That is why I like working with Tim.”

Mindseye Films - Qantas

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