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Mindseye Films - Optus TVC

New Optus infomercials benefit

Producing two cinematic quality TVCs at low cost and with a limited shoot time? No problem! It’s a challenge Tim faced recently when he was shooting two new infomercials for regular client Optus – and he tackled it using his Red Epic camera and his brand new Canon Cine Prime lens set.

Mindseye Films - Optus TVC

“Using the Epic, a large format camera, together with the Canon Cine prime lenses produces stunning images,” says Tim. “I’ve shot many TVCs using the Red, and so utilising it again on this shoot along with the new lenses was my solution to get the best images possible.”

The infomercials were filmed in a house in Balgowlah on Sydney’s northern beaches, and the size of the room required the talent to stand close to the dining room wall in one of the ads; this is where the new Canon Cine Prime lens set came in. It offers a very short depth of field, which reduces the impact this would have had on the final footage.

“By shooting with these lenses and an extremely fast T1.3 aperture I could soften the background,” explains Tim. “This meant that the reverse shot of the second talent and main talent’s shot matched nicely, even though the background was so close in the main shot.”

Mindseye Films - Optus TVC

The Canon Cine Prime lens features a very wide aperture, and completes Tim’s extensive range of lenses. By choosing to use the Canon Cinema prime lens, the crew were able to keep the lighting fixtures smaller, enabling a fast shoot day.

Produced and finished by the Optus in-house team, it meant just a small crew was involved with making the TVCs; there were two main talent, two children, a makeup artist, the director (Danny Jenkins of Optus), a gaffer, a grip, a sound recordist and Tim as DOP.

These TVCs are part of Optus’ new advertising campaign featuring “No Gotchas” (no sneaky catches).

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