A healthy approach

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Hill sprints, stand up paddle boarding and rowing; this is just the beginning of what’s in store for Australia’s newest on-line entertainment, health and wellbeing channel healthyMEtv. Hosted by rugby union legend George Gregan, healthyMEtv inspires Australians to live healthier each day by creating the best original video content.

Media personality Shelly Horton and journalist Kellie Sloane join George Gregan on set as they explore areas of wellbeing that we may not have even thought of before; one such episode stars TV personality Kerri Anne Kennerley as she brings the issue of Vitamin D deficiency to light.

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With the help and advice of several leading health professionals, healthyMEtv provides content that covers fitness, lifestyle and nutrition.

Working with an efficient three person crew, including a producer, cameraman and soundo, they have now worked their way through 11 episodes, including:

  • All you need are stairs
  • Donating blood
  • Getting your heart rate up with exercise bikes
  • Meal replacement shake diet
  • How to use the treadmill
  • A day in the life of Jennifer Aniston

Using LED light panels, XDcam HD, Gopro and Canon 5D for time-lapse and effects shots, Tim produces high quality footage in line with the high standard of content.

If you would like to check out Tim’s work with healthyMEtv, the entire content library can be viewed on any connected device and selected content can be viewed (through a partnership with SevenWest Media) on Plus7.


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