From romance to kids

On set with Hi5

Red Epic covers different genres

Five Red Epic cameras were used to shoot the Hi-5 movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. Shot over just five days in Sydney, the film follows the audition process to find three new performers to join the one of the world’s best loved preschool children’s entertainment groups, Hi-5.

Over the five days, we filmed over 135 hours of footage, including the auditions, performances, behind the scenes action, one-on-one interviews, vox pops – and the final reveal of the new look group. Formed in 1999, the group now tour the world performing for young children; it was while they were in between tours that the group squeezed in shooting for the film.

On set with Hi5

As director of photography, Tim was responsible for setting the look and organising all things camera to ensure the film looked fabulous – and it did!

Jim Hare of Harebrained Ideas says Tim’s knowledge of Red Epic cameras and experience in filming live performances are the main reasons they used Tim for this challenging shoot.

“Shooting the entire film over a few days meant it was a complex and fast paced project,” explains Jim. “The Red Epic gear allowed us to work at high speed with extremely high quality results.”

On set with Hi-5

The high res gear also allowed the crew to provide stills of the new cast for print materials as soon as possible.

A film that is appreciated by kids and parents alike, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ premièred in late March this year, with a ‘purple carpet’ event which included performances by the new-look group. It is now showing in theatres across Asia, and has been translated to many different languages to be sold across the globe.

Hi-5 - Some Kind of Wonderful

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