Hope for Crohn’s sufferers with AbbVie

Hope for Crohn’s sufferers with AbbVie

Capturing the emotion behind a person’s story is an essential skill for any cameraman; whilst filming a series of informative videos for AbbVie, a global biopharmaceutical company committed to patient-centred innovation, Tim’s skills were put to the test.

Jet-setting all over Australia, MindsEye followed the stories of several Crohn’s or auto immune disease sufferers, including a comedian, pro surfer, beautician, cartoonist, policeman, housewife and IT professional over the period of a few months.

The series, to be hosted on AbbVie’s website, are aimed at those just diagnosed with either disorder to show there are others who are living their life to the fullest in spite of their health condition.

Hope for Crohn’s sufferers with AbbVie

Shannon Anthoness of Loulaki Blue, the production company behind the project, says the creation of these short films was challenging in some respects.

“We are dealing with people’s health, it is quite a sensitive topic,” she explains.  “Despite this, our DOP Tim maintained a professional and considered approach and we managed to get some great stories and capture the different aspects of our interviewees’ lives.”

For the shoots, Tim used his Sony HD XDCam, plus, to get some different ‘views’, his GoPro. To get some different angles, the GoPro was mounted in some unique places including on a shopping trolley, a surfboard, in a fridge, in a car, on a pushbike, in a swimming pool, even on a dog!

Hope for Crohn’s sufferers with AbbVie

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