Alexa Vs Epic

Alexa Specs verus Epic Specs

Now I think this may get a few people talking. The specifications are from the Arri and Red.

I must admit the DTE, Direct-to-Edit, i.e. the Alexa’s number one feature is not mentioned. It’s still the one area Epic can’t touch (though 3rd party solutions are coming soon that will close the gap a lot, and of course RED will have a module of their own some day).

Oh, and the Alexa is also available today to anyone with the $$$, with all options and full kit. The Epic-M is still unavailable to most. The Epic-M also regularly ships without all of the parts — missing EVFs, REDMotes, etc.. This is not RED’s fault (Japan crisis, etc.) but it’s still a point of comparison today.

When Epic finally gets widely available with full firmware, it’s definitely going to be the camera to beat. I’m certainly waiting for mine. If I can’t wait any longer, I’d consider buying an F3/S-Log/Cinedeck over an Alexa at this point.

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