Alexa, RED MX, 35mm, F3, Canon D1 and 16mm side by side

Check out this video. Its a camera test of six cameras, Alexa, RED MX, 35, F3, Canon D1 and 16 side by side. Its a great test because they have shot the same short film with each of the six cameras  under varied lighting conditions.

See if you can pick which camera shot which version. At the end it lets you know which short was shot on which camera.

The Cameras used –
Aaton 35-3
Arri Alexa
Red MX
Sony PMW F3 (was an engineering sample)
Aaton XTR PROD (Super 16)

Cooke S4’s were used except for the 1D, which had CP’s

This test was done by John Brawley. John has racked up an impressive and diverse range of credits working extensively in the United States, Europe and Asia. You can go to John’s web site and find out more about him.

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